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Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies


Lovin’ Arms Pet Center has many types of food for your dog according to their dietary needs and preferences. We carry a variety of top brands in dry, canned, wet, dehydrated, freeze-dried and raw food. We also have food toppings for picky eaters to enhance the flavor of their food. If you prefer it, we also carry natural, organic, and grain free food.


Lovin’ Arms Pet Center knows dogs are part of the family and deserve a treat every now and then. We carry bones, pig ears, soft training treats, jerky treats, and more. Dog treats enhance a healthy diet and should make up 10 percent or less of their food intake. They are a great reward for training and good behavior.


Dogs love to play indoors, outdoors, and in the water. Lovin’ Arms Pet Center has toys for training and toys just for playtime. Get your dog a squeaky bone, ball, or stuffed animal. They also love to play tug of war with our rope toys. We have Frisbees especially for dogs and toys that float in water for retrievers. Teach your dog to fetch, swim, or just give them exercise with any of our fun and colorful dog toys.

Leashes / Collars

Lovin’ Arms Pet Center stresses the importance of placing a collar with an ID tag on your dog at all times so they can be relocated if they wander away from home. Our soft nylon collars are comfortable and adjustable. It’s important to change collars frequently as your dog grows for their safety and comfort. We have standard leashes that clip to the collar as well as harnesses for bigger dogs. Our retractable leashes make it easier for your dog to walk further away from you and for you to maintain control over the leash. Stop in and we can fit the collar, harness, and leash to the size of your dog.

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