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Cat Supplies

Cat Supplies


Lovin’ Arms Pet Center carries a variety of canned, dry, freeze-dried and dehydrated food that’s healthy and has a well-balanced formula. Dry foods have a harder texture that helps to prevent tartar and plaque buildup on your cat's teeth. Canned food is soft and has high water content that help increase your cat's neccessary fluid intake.


At Lovin' Arms Pet Center we offer a variety of treats that all cats will enjoy. Treats can be used to reward good behavior during training. They can also be used to promote a healthier cat. We carry all kinds of natural, organic and grain-free treats. Some treats can also be used to help with dental problems


Cats love to play and at Lovin' Arms Pet Center we carry all sorts of toys. Toys will help your cat get exercise and stimulate them mentally. Your cat will be entertained for hours with our huge selection of cat toys.


Scratching a natural behavior for your cat. A cat tower is perfect for your cat to scratch, climb, perch, and play. At Lovin' Arms Pet Center we have cat towers that are the pefect soliution for all you cat needs. Your cat will not only be happy but you will also save your furniture.

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